Real Estate & Tax

Our offices provide integrated legal and organizational handling and consultation regarding any issue related to real estate and real estate projects to include:

  •  Tax planning in the purchasing and selling of property.
  • Drafting of purchase and sale contracts.
  • Extensive and full legal management of real estate transactions, examination and changes in claims, building permits and city property taxes, reporting to the tax authorities and submitting objections and appeals.
  • Registration of property rights and mortgages.
  • Drafting of sale tenders.
  • Management of property in Israel and abroad.
  • Litigation in the area of real estate and real estate rights, including representation before the appellate division of district courts.
  • Drafting of combined agreements, construction agreements, tenancy and rental agreements, and partnership agreements.
  • Registration and changes of registration for condominiums, and breaking of partnerships.
  • Requests and objections on matters of planning and construction, objections to expropriations, and claims for compensation in regards to expropriations.